Kerrisdale Lawn Bowls Club

Proud hosts of the Metro Vancouver Men`s & Women`s Singles Championships

The Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club

At the Kerrisdale Bowls Club we are all about the Sport of Bowls.

Our members play at every level that exists in the Sport of Bowls; from getting together with a few friends to throw a few bowls and enjoy a chat to playing at the national and international level.

During the season we bowl every day at 1:30pm.  There's no set teams.  Members just show up 10-15 minutes before game time and 'put their names in the hat'.  Teams are randomly drawn and everyone goes out and has a great couple of hours.  There is also bowling Wednesday evenings.

We also have a number of club events throughout the season, including Club Championships and one day Club Tournaments.  Just about every event has a trophy or plaque and a bit of prize money for the winners.

The club also takes part in a number of leagues:

The V&D Monday Evening League - in 2009 Kerrisdale had 3 teams playing league, two in Division I and one in Division II.  Although Kerrisdale has only played in the V&D League since 2006, we already have two pennant to our credit.  Kerrisdale won Division II title in 2007 and Western Division Pennant in 2017..

Westside Women's League - Kerrisdale has one team of women's triples which plays in the Westside Women's League every Friday morning at the West Point Grey greens.

Ed Angel Men's League - Kerrisdale also has a team of men's triples which plays in the League every Thursday morning, also at West Point Grey.

For those who would like to try their arms against bowlers from throughout Metro Vancouver there is a large number of tournaments in the Vancouver and District Calendar. We also have three tournaments of our own: the Diamond Doubles in July, Norine Armstrong Ladies triples tournament and Fletcher/Folz Men's triples, the latter two in early August.

The club has among its members to every playing level and interest from social to international players:

Bob Scott & Cathie Higgins were BC and Canadian Mixed Pairs Champions and represented Canada at the World Mixed Pairs Championships in Wales in 2001

Cathie Cleveland won a BC Provincial Women's Singles Gold in 1999 as well as being a member of the Canadian National Team and playing in the North American Challenge in 1998.

John Aveline, our club coach, is the only bowler to medal in 4 consecutive Provincial Men's Fours (1997-2000).  He has been to the Canadian Championships twice, winning a silver in 1998 and a gold in 1999, both in Men's Fours.  John also bowled for BC in the CanAm West Classic in 1998, an event which pitted the 4 western provinces and the 4 western Amercian zones in a team event.

Jon Braun and Jamie MacGowan brought Kerrisdale its first National Championship, when they won the Men's Pairs in Winnipeg in 2014.  And that year, one of their toughest opponents was the team of Barrie Brown and Jack Green, BC's Silver medalists of 2014.

Fee Schedule

Regular (full, playing)



Associate (full, playing, 2nd club)


Life (full, playing or social)

no fee

Social (non-playing)


Junior (full, playing)


½ year (from July 1st)



Per bowling session

$    10.00


Bowls event ? corporate/private (per person)

$  20.00

Bowls event ? school/community centre (per person)

$  10.00

Clubhouse rental (based on approximately 3 hrs)



Based on a program of 3 sessions (applicable to membership)

$  40.00


2018 - 2019 Board of Directors
 President Peter Lee
 Vice President Jim Dangerfield
 Treasurer David Smith
 Past President John Aveline
The Sport of Bowls

The Sport of Bowls has been around for centuries and is addictive now as it was in 16th century England, when King Henry VIII made it illegal, so that men would spend less time bowling and more time practicing their archery.

The game is fairly straight-forward.  You try to get your bowl as close as you can to a small (2.5 inch diameter) ball called a Jack.  The person with the closest bowl gets 1 point.  You score 1 point for every bowl you (or your team) has closer than your opponent's closest bowl.  To get your bowl to the jack, which can be 70-110 feet away, you roll it along the grass.  The bowl is shaped a bit like an egg, so it does not go straight, but travels in an arc.  The skill is in figuring out how hard to roll your bowl and how much it will arc, or bend, to get to the jack.  There is a very good description of the Sport of Bowls on wikipedia, written by one of the top bowlers in Canada.

Lawn Bowls is played at all levels: club, district (V&DBA), provincial (BBC), national (BCB) and international levels (WB).  There is also a professional group, the Professional Bowls Association which runs tournaments in the World Bowls Tour.  The PBA has a Canadian branch.