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Kerrisdale brings home the goodies

Posted by Dr John Aveline on September 22, 2013 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

A picture says a 1,000 words.  So, without further ado . . .

The V&D Pennant League trophy and the Men's Colt Singles trophy will have a nice home at our club for the next year.  Also in the frame is one of the four provincial gold medals won by our club members.

It was a banner year in 2013 (who's superstitious?)

Canadian Championships - A Preview

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 19, 2013 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Tomorrow morning (okay, technically this morning) the first round of the Canadian Championships begins and so this is my last chance to do some handicapping and point out some killer matches you can look forward to and/or should get your butt down to the host venues (North & West Van) to watch.


Of course I am closely watching all the BC A Men's & Women's Triples. The former has two of our guys from Kerrisdale (and it's been at least a quarter of a century since anyone could say that!) - go Jon & Graham. The latter is skipped by our dear friend Diane Fulton and the lead is Shirley Choy, both of whom my wife Cathie and I first coached. But who is everyone watching?


In the Men's Fours Saskatchewan has a solid crew lead by Ernie Meid, skipped by Doug Propp and with Mark Sutyla somewhere in the middle there. Their main challengers will be BC 'B', skipped by Chris Grahame and Nova Scotia which has Steve Ogden, Steve Bezanson & Terry O'Neil all crammed onto one team.


My guys on BC 'A' will face their stiffest competition in the Men's Triples from Alberta (Lyle Adams, Pat Bird & Dave Cox), Saskatchewan (Keith Roney, Duncan Holness, Grant Wilkie) and Ont 'A' (Wayne Wright, Jim Roth, Bob North).


The Men's Pairs has three really good, really interesting teams: HIren Bhartu & Tim Mason (BC 'A'), Jon Pituley & Alex Scott (Sask) and Kevin Jones & James Covell (Ont 'B'). The matches that pit any two of these together is a must see!


The Women's Pairs is the toughest field in the tournament. Laila Hassan & Crystal Shephard from Ontario, Clarice Fitzpatrick & Marilyn Baron from Manitoba, Cecilia Gillespie and Gayell Slater from Alberta will be putting our two BC teams to the test. But our BC teams are plenty tough. Nancy Speers & Barb Gandy have been a top team for a number of years and finally get to let everyone see that at the "Big Show". Belle Chan & Mary Wright have both been here before and have high expectations.


The Women's Triples, by contrast, is looking like a B.C. dominated event (although the rest of Canada will have something to say about that). Still it's tough to top Diane Fulton, Jenny Siu & 2006 World Indoor Singles Champion Shirley Choi on the one hand and Marlene Cleutinx, Joephine Lee & Rita Patterson on the other. Finals anyone?


Finally, the Women's Fours has three likely quartets: BC 'A', skipped by On Kow Au, Saskatchewan skipped by Harriette Pituley and Ontario 'B', which is an all National Team squad (Laura Seed, Laura Hudson, Lisa McKerihen & Heather Battles).


Now for those planning their championships schedule, here are the "Games To Watch".


Monday AM: NV Women's Pairs - BCA vs Man; Men's Triples - OntA vs Sask


Monday PM: NV Women's Pairs - BCA vs OntA


WV Men's Fours - NS vs BCB


Tuesday AM: WV Women's Pairs - Man vs BCB


Tuesday PM: NV Men's Pairs - BCA vs Sask


WV Women's Pairs - Alta vs BCB


Wednesday AM: NV Women's Pairs & Triples - BCA vs BCB


WV Men's Triples - Ont A vs Alta; Women's Pairs - OntA vs Alta


Wednesday PM: NV Men's Fours - BCB vs Sask


WV Women's Piars - Man vs OntA


Thursday AM: WV Men's Fours - Sask vs NS; Women's Pairs - OntA vs BCB; Women's Fours - BCA vs OntB


Thursday PM: NV Women's Pairs - Man vs Alta; Men's Pairs - OntB vs Sask


Friday AM: NV Women's Pairs - BCA vs Alta


Of course you may have your favourite team and some matches may develop into brilliant games, but these are may pre-event picks.


See you up on the North Shore!!


Friday AM:


V&D Men's Singles "B" section comes to Kerrisdale

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 19, 2013 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Quick one here, since the Canadians is about to begin and occupy our time.

The V&D Men's Singles Finals were held at Kerrisdale and while Richmond's Gary Kirk was upsetting Kin-On Lau ansd taking the Championship, our own John Aveline enjoyed a fairly comfortable win over Stanley Chow 21-9.  The only hiccup in the match was a six point run which Stanley fashioned to cut the lead from 16-3 to 16-9.  But that was as close as it got.

Good one John!

V&D Men's Singles Finals

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 15, 2013 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The V&D Men's Singles have been occupying our greens and entertaining everyone who has come out for the past two days.  Tomorrow (Thursday 15th) is the finals of this event.

The Championship final will be an all Richmond tilt featuring Gary Kirk taking on reigning Canadian Singles Bronze medalist Kin-On Lau.  Our own Stan Turner started off slowly in the semi-finals against Kin-On, but came on to close the gap to 11-12 down in their race to 15 points.  At that point in the match Stan had converted and lay 3 more shots, but Kin-On showed his poise and drew within one foot of the jack to move ahead 13-11.  He closed the match out with two to book his trip to the finals.

Kerrisdale will have someone to cheer on, however.  John Aveline had a pretty god day at the office this evening, winning 15-1 and 15-6 to set up a B final match against Stanley Chow of Van South & Richmond.

Finals start at 7:00 and the games will be to 21 points.  Hope to see you there!

Kerrisdale trio finish second in Colt triples

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 15, 2013 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

A very strong trio of Jon Braun, Graham Miller and Dave Goddard came close to perfection, but had to settle for second in this year's Colt Triples held at the Coquitlam Bowls Club.

The only dent in their record came in the first game when they were held to a tie by Ed Olson's team from New Westminster.  After that they rolled their way to three wins and a cumulative record of 3 wins, 1 tie and a plus of 24.  Unfortunately, last year's Colt Triples champs (all of whom were still eligible this year) racked an absolutely perfect record of 4 wins and maximum plus 40 shots.

Full credit to our guys for a great tournament, all the more impressive when you consider that they played, and beat the 3rd and 4th place teams.

And there's good hopes for next year.  This was Dave's last year of eligibility, but Jon and Graham will still be eligible next year.

Club Pairs Champion of Champions - part 2

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 15, 2013 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

It was the men's turn to decide who would be representing Kerrisdale in the Men's Club Pairs Provincial Champion of Champions and a familiar face came to the fore.

After each winning their first two games, Stan Turner & Graham Miller took on Barrie Brown and Dave Goddard.  When the dust settled, it was Stan and Graham who took the game and the right to play for Kerrisdale in the Provincial C of C's.  They will join Cathie Cleveland & Laurel Aveline down at Stanley Park on September 7 & 8.  Stan, who played as the 'junior' team member last year gets a chance to one up the silver medal he won last year.

Stay tuned to this blog, where you will be able to read how our teams do against the best the rest of BC has to offer.


Club Pairs Champion of Champions part 1

Posted by Dr John Aveline on August 8, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The Kerrisdale club decided who their Women's Club Pairs reps would be for the Provincial Club Pairs Champion of Champions.  In a one game, winner-take-all, it was the duo of Cathie Cleveland and Laurel Aveline who squeaked out the win over Cathy Selzler and Pat Kost.

The game was very much on Cathie and Laurel's side as Cathie used her natural talent and experience from having played on the Canadian National Team to build a 13-7 lead after 12 ends of the 14 end match.  The things got interesting as a couple of loose bowls from Cathie combined with some relentless drawing by Cathy S and Pat K drew the game level at 13-13 after 13 ends.  Superstitious anyone?  The final end came down to a measure and it was the yellow bowl of Cathie C which won the point and the match.

The two will now play in the Provincial Club Pairs Champion of Champions at Stanley Park on September 7 and 8.

Go get 'em girls!!!

Diamond Doubles - Day 1

Posted by Dr John Aveline on July 9, 2013 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Day 1 in the 2013 Diamond Doubles is in the books and we have whittled the number of teams down to 12.  Kerrisdale is well represented among those still alive:  Jack Green & Cathy Selzler, John & Laurel Aveline and Jon Braun.

Kerrisdale Takes the Whiskey Bowl

Posted by Dr John Aveline on July 4, 2013 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The Whiskey Bowl stays in Kerrisdale after our squad went down the road to Dunbar and put a pretty creditable performance.  Nine players, divided into three triples teams took an equal side from the host club and came away with 7 wins out of 9 games and a plus of 27 shots.  Top trio were Jack Green, Rich Folz and Dave Goddard who swept their three games.  The other two teams (Jon Braun, Brian Neilsen, John Aveline & Ron Leyland, Dave Arnott & John Kost) each won 2 of their 3 matches.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a scotch-tasting put on by one of the Dunbar members.

Well Done Kerrisdale Men!  Now it is the women's turn in the Rosebowl.

Kerrisdale strikes Provincial Gold!!!

Posted by Dr John Aveline on July 1, 2013 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Kerrisdale has been walking the walk for a few years now, but it has still be decades since anyone wearing Kerrisdale gold has won a Provincial Championship, until today.

2nd year bowler Jon Braun, 1st year bowler Graham Miller teamed up with Van South's Bob Scott to sweep their way to the Provincial Men's Triples Gold medal.  In some ways they made it look easy, with scores like 17-1 (although they also had some close calls and suffered one defeat - by a single shot).  In their 'semi-final' match against the pre-event favourites Chris Grahame, Vince Mai & Stanley Chow, they erased a 7-11 deficit in a single end by scoring a 7-ender!

In the Gold Medal match against German Santana, Malcolm Taylor and Mel Eccles, they got a submission when their opponents shook hands with the score 18-6.

So, the guys are off to the Canadian Championships in August up on the North Shore.

Brilliant job guys!!!!