Kerrisdale Lawn Bowls Club

Proud hosts of the Metro Vancouver Men`s & Women`s Singles Championships

Why Become a Member?

Everyone who takes up the Sport of Bowls says the same thing; "I wish I had started years ago."  Don't find yourself saying the same thing!  When you join our club you get the following:

1.)  A great sport that you can play  May-Sept outdoors

2.)  The chance to play at any level you'd like from a casual game at the club, through recreational tournaments held throughout the Lower Mainland all the way up to Provincial and National Championships

3.)  The freedom to play pretty much whenever your schedule lets you.  Our Green is open all day, every day and only closed to drop-in play when we are hosting a tournament.  Every member is entitled to a key to drop in and practice or play a game with a few friends

4.)  More than just Bowls.  We have potlucks, BBQ's and more!

And here's one more reason.  Right now we have among our members a number of former or current Internationals - Pricilla Westlake, Jamie MacGowan, Bob Scott and John Aveline.  Start bowling this year and who knows, you could have one of these around your neck.

How to Become a Member

This is the easy part:

you can call us: either at 604-261-1116.

or email us at [email protected].

or just drop by our club at 5870 Elm St.

We offer introductory coaching all year round, but our start of the season coaching runs for 3 weeks beginning the first Tuesday in May.  Coaching costs only $40.00 and can be applied your membership dues.

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