Kerrisdale Lawn Bowls Club

Proud hosts of the Metro Vancouver Men`s & Women`s Singles Championships

Past Club Presidents

 1915 J.B. Cowan 1
 1916 W.P. Johnson
 1917 W.J. Frame
 1918 F. Bowser 2
 1919 R.W. Nye
 1920-21 Dr. F. Pollock
 1922 H.E. Walker
 1923 T.J. Lennie
 1924 M.C. Gordan
 1925 W.J. Mills
 1926 D.G. Lennie
 1927 S. Fulton
 1928 W. Drinnan
 1929 A. Steveson
 1930 F.A. Murray
 1931 J. Russell Oliver
 1931 W.A. McKenzie
 1932-33 P.M. Wilmer
 1934-35 C.B. Ambrose
 1936-37C.W. Leonard 
 1938 A. Hunter
 1939-40 J. Rogers
 1941 A. Holmes
 1942 W.J. McKinney
 1943 E.E. Barnes
 1944 F.H. Bellis (life member)
 1945 F. Ellis 3
 1946 Chas. G. Booth
 1947 A. Butcher
 1948 W.G. Chandler
 1949 W.G. Stephens
 1950 R Crichton
 1951 A. Laughton
 1952 P.J. O'Donnell
 1953 W. Addinall
 1954 S.G.L. Mayer
 1955 Alfred Emson
 1956 H. Botham
 1957 Ted Whitaker (life member)
 1958 L.H. Deacon
 1959 Edward Byers
 1960 Ted Bennett
 1961 Tom Logan
 1962 Ed Black
 1963 Alec McLuckie
 1964 Garnet Main
 1966 Jack Fraser
 1967 Eric Clendining (life member)
 1968 Ted Bain
 1969 Alf Nursey (life member)
 1970-71 Gordon Terry
 1972 Bob Paton
 1973 Lorne Ginther (life member)
 1974 Stan Carey (life member)
 1975-76 Ralph Bedford
 1977-78 Stan Carey
 1979-80 Cecil Albright
 1981-82 Wilf Turnbull
 1983-84 Stan Carey 4
 1985-86 Isobell Whitaker (life member) 5
 1987-88 Don MacDonald (life member)
 1989-90 Aileen Fraser (life member)
 1991-92 John Bruce (life member)
 1993-94 Doug Keir
 1995-96 Ross Farrell (life member)
 1997-98 Howard Turpin
 1999-2000 Nancy Bednard (life member) 6
 2001-02 Marilyn Turpin
 2003-04 Bill Fletcher
 2005-06 Brian Nielsen
 2007 Nancy Bednard
 2008-12, 2015 Dr. John Aveline 7



In 2013 & 2014 there has been something of an inter-regnum as no one has filled the Presidency per se.  For the sake of documents and forms, John Aveline has been considered the president, but the club has been managed by a committee who has taken on the various tasks required (treasurer, secretary, greens, games, house, etc,).


1  John Bruce Cowan wasa local historian and playwright.  He who wrote a monograph on western painter John Innes.

2  Francis Bowser was a barrister and reeve of Point Grey 1910-1911.  The building on the SW corner of 41st and West Blvd is called the Bowser Block after Francis.  His brother William was an MLA from 1903-1924 and was the premier of BC 1915-16.

3  Fred Ellis was one of the club's top bowlers in its history and its first provincial champion.  He skipped his fours team to two consecutive Provincial Fours Championships in 1954 & 1955, in the infancy of the provincial championships.  He was also one of the comittee memebrs and umpires for the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver.

Stan Carey is the only person to serve 3 separate terms as president.

5  Isobel Whitaker was not only the wife of Ted Whitaker who was president in 1957, she also donated the first Provincial Women's Pairs trophy in 1972 - the Isobel Whitaker Shield.

Nancy Bednard was the first coach of the Tsawwassen club (for 3 years) when they started operations in 1989.  They had no one to coach them, since they were just starting from scratch (74% of their charter members had never bowled).  Nancy resigned from the board at the end of the 2011 season, having served on the board for 25 consecutive years.  Nancy is also one of only three people (Stan Carey being the other) to serve multiple separate terms as president.

7  Dr. John Aveline not only has served the longest single term as president (5 years), but is the first Kerrisdale bowler to represent Canada.  In 2010 he played in the North American Challenge as part of the Canadian National Team and in 2011 played in the Asia Pacific Championships in Adelaide Australia where he was on the men's fours team that won bronze.

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