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League Coaching

This year we are starting a new coaching program - League Coaching.  This is open to everyone, whether they play in league or not, but it will be geared to players in the Monday Pennant League or the Ed Angel League.  We will be covering such topics as

Training - not just 'playing games' or trying to get close to the jack, but really building up our technical level

Game management - what is the team's game plan and what is everyone's role on the team

Debriefing - what worked and what didn't; team-mates learning from each other

So far our schedule has gone like this:

Week #1:  we were introduced to the principle of training to succeed and learned a few basic drills.  All of this was outlined in this hand-out.

Week 2:  we talked about positional play; what is the role of each team member (skip, vice and lead); how can we prepare to play our position more effectively.  Three positionally specific drills and a synopsis of the roles and goals of each position were provided in a hand-out which should be on-line soon.

Week 3:  there are two topics for this week: team management and trial ends.  Under team management we looked at effective communication.  We also looked at some novel ways to get the most of trial ends.  You can see all of this on the week's hand-out.

Week 4: continues our discussion of team members' rles and goals and includes a few drills which can be run for a group which allows them to interact and compete.  The hand-out.

Player Development - helping our bowlers be the best they can be

There is a lot of coaching and training material available for lawn bowlers, but we feel that we have some of the best.  We are fortunate to have access to Lachlan Tighe, the Canadian High Performance Team coach, who feels verys strongly about sharing his knowledge about the Sport of Bowls so that as many bowlers as possible can improve their game.  When you play better bowls, you enjoy the game more and you help make the bowlers around you better and, when they play better, they enjoy themselves more - and so it goes.  Here is the first instalment (of many planned).  There are four practices, each one tailored for the four positions on a team:





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