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Diamond Doubles played under perfect conditions

The 25th running of the Diamond Doubles was played under perfect conditions and saw some great shot-making.  In the end the final was a repeat of the 2008 final of Werner Fladl vs Paul Lee and the result was the same as Werner jumped to a big lead and then held on down the stretch for an 18-9 win.  The teams shook hands after 13 ends.  This year there were also winners in B, C and D flights.

Diamond Doubles gets a make-over

The Diamond Doubles will have a a very different look for its 25th running, but it will still be the great quality event it has always been.  This year the event will be entirely at Kerrisdale and will be complete in a single day.  The 16 teams will play 4 14-end matches of 3-bowl pairs in a flight system that will result in a single undefeated team hoisting the 1/4 century plaque for 2014.  We will also be playing the re-spot rule, so a killed jack will be placed on the T and play will continue.  Hey, that's just how they'll be doing it at the Commonwealth Games!

de Bruin & Hope repeat winners in the 2013 Diamond Doubles

The format changed, but the names remained the same.  This year's Diamond Doubles returned to the original straight knock-out format that made it one of the 'must play' tournaments in Metro Vancouver.  The response from among the bowlers in the V&D was lukewarm, but those who did enter were treated to great greens, Kerrisdale hospitality, and the increasingly rare pleasure of full length games.

The finals again featured the tandem of Joe de Bruin and Sydney Hope against a Kerrisdale/Van South pairing - this year Jon Braun and Tracy Chan.  Joe and Sydney again prevailed, this time by a score of 22-19.  The finals was a spirited match.  Joe & Sydney broke open the game by going on a 10 shot run, turning a 12-11 lead into a 22-11 lead.  But Jon and Tracy showed strong bounce-back and tenacity, clawing their way back to 17-22, playing the final end, but the young duo (29 and 22 years of age) simply ran out of ends and fell just three shots short.

The host club took pride in the fact that for the fourth year in a row they had a member in the finals.

The History of the Diamond Doubles

The Diamond Doubles was started by John Bruce in 1975 to commemorate the Kerrisdale Bowls Club’s 75th Diamond Anniversary.  It has always run as a straight knock-out event, which allowed 32 teams to play in an event hosted by a one green club.

Originally the event was closed; entry fees were due before the start; teams were randomly placed in the morning or afternoon; all entry fees plus some of the sponsor’s money went to the club.  A full entry of 32 teams played 18 end games in a straight knock-out format.

In 2009 the format was changed to encourage entries.  Although still knock-out, ‘A’ and ‘B’ flights have been introduced to guarantee everyone 2 games.  The 2 Monday games are 14 ends; all other games are still 18 ends.  An extra green is required for Monday play (to accommodate 32 teams playing all at once).  The entry fee has been increased to $20.00 per player ($40.00 per team).  Prizes are awarded to the top 4 teams in both ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Over the years one of the best aspects of the Diamond Doubles is that it has always attracted a wide range of entrants, from local, recreational bowlers to National and International Champions, juniors and seniors, first year members and bowlers with decades of experience.



1999    Final game was tied after 17 ends.  The first play of the 18th end was burnt and a last bowl draw on the replay decided the champion.

2000    Champion decided in an extra end.  The eventual champions overcame a 15-6 lead in the last 6 ends, scoring 2 in the last end to win 17-15.

2003    For the first time in the event’s history a Kerrisdale team won the event.  The team was thrown together 5 minutes before the start of the event, when one of the entrants failed to show up.  The team won with relative ease, posting an average score of 21-12.

2004    For the first time, due to low entries, some first round "lucky" losers return to play in the round of 16.  None win their second chance.

2005    For the first time the Diamond Doubles attracted an international team.  Former U.S. National Team member Regina Benares and her husband Andre.  Kerrisdale fields a record 4.5 teams, all of whom advance to the second round.

2006    Champion decided on a last bowl take out for 4 to overcome a 2 shot deficit.

2007    A Kerrisdale team makes the semi-finals and finishes 4th.  Perry Manns becomes the first bowler to win as both lead and skip.

2009    First year of the ‘new’ format.  The winners are a team from Stanley Park, skipped by novice bowler, Ed Iftody.

2010    Cathie Higgins becomes only the third Kerrisdale member to win the event.  It is also the first time that 3 Kerrisdale members reach the semi-finals (Don Young, Nancy Kumar & Cathie).

2011   A very interesting year.  An overseas player, Selina Suen,  plays for the first time in the event's history and finishes second, playing with Kerrisdale president, John Aveline.  The final features two national team members skipping against each other.

2014  Major format change to only 16 teams, flight system and 3-bowl pairs.  2008 Champs Myrle Lawrence and Werner Fladl repeat, winning the semis and finals quite easily.  For the first time in history two full Kerrisdale teams (Cathy Selzler / Jack Green & Laurel Aveline / John Aveline) make the semi-finals.

Past Winners of the Diamond Doubles






Graham Jarvis & Selina Jarvis



John Bell & Evelyn Bell



Graham Jarvis & Selina Jarvis



Harald Mundahl & Dot Vizzutti



Bud Addleman & Lorraine Owens



George Dunlop & Joan Dunlop



Graham Jarvis & Selina Jarvis



Graham Jarvis & Selina Jarvis



Des Deroche & Mary Gamble



John Aveline & Shirley King



John Aveline & Shirley King



Alice Duncalf & Jack Mitchell



Mickey Dekker & Gordon Carpenter



John Aveline & Marilyn Turpin



Louis Tsang & Catherine Leung



Alice Duncalf & Mel Eccles



Perry Manns & Lorene Manns



Alice Duncalf & Perry Manns



Werner Fladl & Myrle Lawrence



Ed Iftody & Marion North



Bob Scott & Cathie Higgins


2011Cary Manns & Sandy Yau


2012Joe Debruin & Sydney Hope 


2013Joe Debruin & Sydney Hope 


2014Werner Fladl & Myrle Lawrence



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